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As I was digging into AGAL and Stage3D I soon wanted to use more than triangles and cubes,
so I started to look for more complex models and the codes to use them.
I found a nice article by Nathan Ostgard for parsing Wavefront (.obj) files : Rendering models with Molehill,
and bought a very good book  : « Adobe-Flash-11-Stage3D-Molehill-Game-Programming-Beginners-Guid » by Christer kaitila
that I recommand (the numeric version is less than 20 euros).

But I still wasn’t satisfied because in codes found it was not possible to use models that have more than 21845 triangles,
and the MTL files were not used.
So I decided to work on that and as the result is not so bad I’m sharing it with the community.
What I’ve done is a set of classes for parsing and displaying Wavefont 3D models.

I wanted them to be at a low level as I didn’t want to add a layer to AGAL. And I wanted them to be easily added in a project.

The exemple below is a model containing 454 494 triangles

model made by Maciej Chodakowski

Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled

I – What these classes are and what they can do :

These classes are tools for developers who wants to quickly parse 3D models and display them in order (for instance) to test shaders.
They can parse and display Wavefront .obj using or not .mtl files with no limit in the number of triangles,
they can use textures as defined (or not) in .mtl file,
they can export Wavefront files in a binary format and use it,
they can assign a different shader for each polygon group defined in the .obj file,
and many other things…(well … at least some other things).

II – What these classes are not :

They are not a framework,
they are not a 3D engine,
they are not a higher level of code for using AGAL or writting shaders.

III – What next :

In the next pages I will explain in details with exemples how the classes are made and how to use them.

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Moussa Dembélé –

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