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What next

for me…..
Well  ….
there’s a lot things I’d like to do.
I’ve worked on exporter and importer classes (that you can also find in the download package as an air project).
These classes can parse the wavefront files and generate a binary file providing a good amount of space safe and a very high speed
when parsing the binary file.
But i’d like to add some functionalities to it, like the choice of compression algorithm for instance and ohter technics.
I’d like also to try solutions provided by Jackson Dunstan with ATF mapping .
And of course create, test and play with shaders (this is the reason why I created all this stuff…)
And many more things in 3D ( animation, bones etc…).


for you…..
It’s depend on what you wanted and what you already know in 3D and Stage3d – AGAL :-)
You could try to practice shaders with my classes, go for a framework like Minko , go learn for bump mapping, bones,  and animations too.
Anyway here is some links that helped me , will help me, or simply that I like :

First, if you want to improve your skills in optimisation on AGAL an more generaly here is a real must see, and my absolute reference !!! this guy is amazing !!!
jackson Dunstan 

A good bookto begin with (it’s not expensive and a good book is always a good thing to have):
Christer kaitila

Pierre Chamberlain has made really interesting post about AGAL :
Pierrre Chamberlain 

Of course Thibault Imbert :
Thibault Imbert 

About 3D cameras :
 Working with 3D cameras

About lights :
Ambiant and Color Lighting

And last and certainly not least , with great graphic, animation and programmation skills :
Nicopter ! 

Hope you will enjoy !!


Moussa Dembélé

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