Cel shading with AGAL

Moussa Dembélé – www.mousman.com- mousman@hotmail.com


Cel shading – aka toon shading – is used to give a cartoon style to a 3D model.

In this article I explain a way to do this with AGAL.


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Arcball with AGAL

Moussa Dembélé – www.mousman.com- mousman@hotmail.com

Arcball is a common way of rotating objects with a mouse created by Ken Shoemake. Imagine an object embeded in an invisible sphere. By dragging it you can make it spin around its center.

In this article I will explain two implementations of the Arcball for stage3D – AGAL. One [...]

Quaternions Vs axis angles

Moussa Dembélé – www.mousman.com- mousman@hotmail.com

When dealing with 3D rotations, 3 choices can be made : use of Euler angles, use of axis angles, use of quaternions. Rotation with Euler angles should be avoided and if you have any doubts about that read this article : Euler angles are evil. For those who don’t want [...]

Using ATF Textures

ATF Textures ((Adobe Texture Format) have been introduced by Adobe to deal with VRAM. Why ? Because GPU can handle two kinds of textures : compressed and uncompressed. Off course compressed texture seems good but requires several steps to be used. And that’s what we are going to see.

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